South by Southwest Interactive (SxSWi) is the premier event for web, social and interactive media, yet it is just as dynamic for networking. I have attended since 2008, and have found the off-site activities just as valuable, if not at times more so, than the panels themselves. This year’s SxSWi was only excepted by scale [...]

Jevon’s Paradox is the proposition that technological progress that increases the efficiency with which a resource is used tends to increase (rather than decrease) the rate of consumption of that resource. When that increase is not accompanied by any more than organic growth in resource management, it can result in a resource crunch. Simon Wardley [...]

I was recently interviewed by Robert Duffner of MSDN on Cloud Computing for the Windows Azure team – you can read it in full at #cloudcomputing [Charlton]

As a Technology Strategist, my charter is to drive bold technologies to transform my organisation, deliver world-class technical innovation, know the external research community, know my organisation, and provide technical leadership. I thus spend a significant amount of my time looking for how to achieve that transformation through “innovation“. With a smaller portion of my [...]

ARM unveils new ‘super’ core

This week executives at UK chip designer ARM Holdings came to Silicon Valley to unveil their latest chip design: the ARM Cortex A15 MPCore, code named “Eagle,” received with much excitement by the tech press. Om Malik of GigaOm wrote, “I distinctly remember the day when Intel Corp. launched the Pentium processor. It was the [...]

The one pervasive theme from this year’s VMworld has been mobility. Although the official positioning has focussed on server-centric models, the media and third party vendors have focussed on how workloads, compute and quality of experience can be moved across devices, using local resources to the fullest. Mobility is the emerging vector in cloud computing [...]

In his keynote at VMworld 2010, VMware CEO Paul Maritz spoke of how virtualisation is radically rewriting the computing landscape, in that the existing IT model is being replaced by cloud based on virtualisation, and that IT will increasingly focus on delivering customised applications. ”This is the new stack, and we are in a transition from a [...]

RingCube announced a series of enhancements to their vDesk Desktop Virtualization solution in security, performance, management and usability, which were developed in association with Intel. The capabilities introduced include: Hardened security features, including pre-authentication host checking, to protect against keystroke loggers; and granular logging for regulation compliance; Performance improvements to their MobileSync features, including compression [...]

Per Jesus Diaz at, downloading a simple PDF file can give hackers access to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The security hole is applicable to all iOS 4 devices. “The vulnerability is easily exploitable. In fact, the latest one-click, no-computer-required Jailbreak solution for iOS 4 devices uses this same method to break Apple’s own security…It just requires [...]

In his article “Microsoft has nowhere to go but up in cloud market”, Robert Mullins examines BTC Logic’s cloud computing ranking report.  As part of the cloud computing ecosystem, Microsoft could take a leadership role through cloud technology, to help the enterprise CIO understand their unit costs, and supporting how best to allocate costs across [...]

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